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5-Steps to Get Quality Dates


5 Steps to Quality Dates

I will be guiding you through the 5-step process all of my clients have taken to go from zero to multiple quality dates .
(WARNING: This e-book will help you even if you're shy or inexperienced!)
Ruby Le
"I have dedicated the last decade of my life to help the good guys find the right person for them."
Ruby Le
TEDx Speaker & MMFT
Former Lead Matchmaker, Trainer, Coach at eHarmony

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to get out of your own self-sabotaging, the self-doubt, and finally start feeling confident and clear.
  • Discover your "lady magnet" that will attract the quality ladies you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Find out where your ideal ladies are. Are they online? Offline? You’ll have your answer!
  • ​ Time-saving shortcuts to figure out where your focus should be in the process of dating.
  • ...​and more!
Ruby Le, TEDx Speaker & MMFT

So What Exactly is Inside?

Changing the Mindset

Many want to skip the strategies and learn the "how to" and "do this" and "do that" method, but you miss the most important factor that will greatly determine your dating success.

Understand the 3 Cs

So what qualities ARE women attracted to? They're not qualities you have to be born with, they're qualities that anyone and everyone can grow in.

How to Get Out There

Learn where your focus should go to meet the right one so you don't waste anymore time. Dating is difficult enough, let's not make it harder!
How William Hung Got His Girlfriend and Owning His Quirks!
"I finally have another aspect of my life that I’m excited about every single day. We text each other, surprise call after work. I know we have something great, we’re grounded in the way we see life, we’re positive, and we compromise. We are both open to trying new things in each other’s Worlds"
- William Hung (American Idol)
How Seth Went from Exhaustion to Committed Relationship!
"We talk and text every day and are getting closer all the time, and we communicate exceptionally well. She told me the other day that her only responsibility to me as my partner was to make me happy by whatever means necessary…The needle on my smile meter has been buried needless to say."
- Seth (Music Teacher, 41)
From Exhaustion & Going on Dates w/ Women Not of His Caliber to Going on Dates with Quality Ladies!
"I’ve attracted people that have very similar values to me. I’m actually seeing someone right now and it’s been a really cool and great experience. It’s great to feel these feelings!"
- Max (Engineer, 28)

Are You Ready to Get the Same Success as Over 150 (Now Engaged) Males Already Have?
You Need to Start Somewhere!

In order to get something different, you need to do something different. It’s your turn & you can start with this free ebook today!
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